Coffee tables

You want to purchase a coffee table or change to beautify your room?

Marais International markets a wide range of low tables contemporary design (including Plexiglas). All proposed materials have several advantages specific to each one: if you want to buy a coffee table that will accent the colors in your room or if it is relatively cramped, opt for the transparency of curved glass or plexiglass that eliminates impression of overload to the room and on the contrary, give a feeling of space and well-being.

Contemporary coffee tables of all styles and tastes !

If you prefer a more colorful contemporary coffee table, choose then one of our coffee tables lacquered (gray, taupe, red), in colored glass or carbon and steel. As for those who appreciate the simplicity, low tables lacquered white or black are also available. Each room is likely to be converted in a particular way, often depending on its size, but also on your furniture and your preferences. Thus, the choice of a form of coffee table in line with the layout of your room may be necessary to preserve its atmosphere even further highlight. Marais International presents a multitude of coffee tables of all shapes, classic and atypical: round, oval, square, rectangular, "S", double plates... With these varied forms, you'll find what you look for and make from your living room / bedroom / study ... a nice and singular room. See our range of Plexiglas tables for an indoor 100% contemporary