End tables

You want to buy a table to dress and beautify your home?

Marais International offers a wide range of pedestal tables very contemporary design . We use only lightweight and reliable materials such as Plexiglas , glass, lumber , stainless steel chrome steel or polyurethane plates ...

So, we make sure that everyone is benefiting in terms of tastes and needs! You can purchase a table that can fit in with the colors of your room to create a beautiful harmony without having to review the entire decor of your room.

These pedestal tables, both design and contemporary, are designed to fit every style and every taste!

A transparent pedestal for small parts?
If you have a relatively small room, opt for transparency with a glass pedestal table or a pedestal table in plexiglas . These have the advantage of creating a feeling of space and well-being by eliminating impression of overload in the room.

A colorful pedestal table?
If you prefer a more colorful table, we recommend you our lacquered pedestal tables (gray, white, ivory, red, blue, yellow .. .), colored glass or carbon and steel Chrome.

A simple and modern pedestal?
For simplicity lovers, lacquered pedestal tables in black or white or even transparent, perfectly suit to bring you the touch of elegance which allows you to distinguish yourself.

The choice of the shape of your pedestal is also important to keep consistency with the rest of your furniture, to preserve the atmosphere of your room. You can also opt for a radical change of style to put your pedestal emphasized but I invite you to contact our team who will advise you on breaks of style.

Marais International therefore offers a multitude of pedestal tables of all shapes ,from the most classic to the most atypical: round, square, rectangular ... to make your room a nice and unique place. See also our other range of href="https://maraisinternational.com/fr/37-luminaires" plexiglass lamps for a 100% smart and design home in the air time!